Hector De Castro



CEOs Message

We are an industry of people for people. With this thought in mind, we are witnessing how the sustainability of human society is being threatened by a series of major issues, such as increasingly frequent and severe natural disasters caused by climate change, the impact of COVID-19, and the global tensions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As a result, society is evolving and there is an increased awareness about life and health. People’s values with respect to how they live and work have changed, and the demand and consumer behavior have subsequently changed.


Moreover, the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in response to climate change has become more apparent than ever, and efforts to achieve carbon neutrality are accelerating around the world. Initiatives for respecting human rights in an effort to eliminate forced labor and other human rights abuses are another urgent necessity.

As such, the importance of taking action to achieve a sustainable society will only continue to rise: reducing greenhouse emissions, walking towards carbon neutrality, and supporting local economies are now more than ever, key pillars for the future.


De Castro Group’s Mission is to contribute to life and living for people around the world. The expression “People, Planet and Profit” encapsulates our commitment. This is a key concept for our Group and one that I constantly keep in mind as I proceed with management. Through our Group’s business activities, we will actively promote initiatives that contribute to a sustainable and more balanced society. 

Hector de Castro


De Castro Group’s Vision

In response to recent major changes in the environment, such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, De Castro Group’s commitment to “People, Planet and Profit” has become even more important.

Given this context, De Castro Group will take on the following two challenges as we look toward 2050.                             Care for Earth/Carbon neutral sustainable world Care for People/Active life in the new normal [Issues Asahi Kasei is working to address] Carbon neutrality/Circular economy Safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly mobility More comfortable and convenient lives Homes and communities that enriching people's lives Active and healthy longevity [Fields where Asahi Kasei provides value]Environment & Energy/Mobility/Life Material/Home & Living/Health Care

De Castro Group Sustainability Policy

The De Castro Group Group is contributing to life and living for people worldwide. We strive for two mutually reinforcing aspects of sustainability: “contributing to a sustainable society” and “sustainable growth of corporate value.” By creating value for “contributing to a sustainable society” we seek to gain high earnings that lead to “sustainable growth of corporate value, ” enabling us to make further contributions in a virtuous cycle.

In order to achieve this, we pursue optimal corporate governance while practicing the following.

Value creation through contribution to a sustainable society

Resolving issues for People and the Planet through our high-value-added businesses.

Leveraging our strengths of diversity and capability to change for the creation of value

Responsible business activities

Complying with laws/regulations and respecting international standards regarding business activities (Compliance)

Prioritizing ESH (environment, safety, and health), human rights, and quality assurance throughout all of our activities

Performing appropriate information disclosure and dialogue with our stakeholders

Empowerment of personnel

Respecting diversity and inclusion

Encouraging each employee’s growth, performance, and challenging spirit

“Sustainable growth of corporate value” and “contributing to a sustainable society” are also important. “Contributing to a sustainable society” leads to earnings that enhance the corporate value of the De Castro Group, which in turn enables further “contributing to a sustainable society.”