Environmental Management

We have established a group-wide management system in recognition of environmental initiatives as important management tasks.

Climate Change

We implement measures that deal with climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing innovative technologies.

Pollution and Natural Resources

We strive to use natural resources and energy efficiently throughout the entire life cycle of our products, as well as achieve resource circulation in society.

Water Resource Preservation

We strive to enhance water use efficiency in our business activities while contributing to the conservation of water resources worldwide.


We work towards the sustainable use of biological resources in our business activities while taking biodiversity into account.

Environmental Contribution Products

We define products that help improve the environment throughout their entire life cycle as environmental contribution products, and we are making efforts in this area.


Quality Assurance

We deliver safe and reliable products and services to our customers and strive for genuine communication with them.

CSR Procurement

We work to promote CSR in partnership with our suppliers through fair and transparent business activities that take account of environmental issues and human rights.

Human Resources

We respect each and every employee and aim to create a rewarding and vibrant workplace.

Human Rights

We respect the human rights of all people involved in the business activities of the De Castro Group, and encourage each and every one of them to achieve their full potential.

Health & Productivity Management and Occupational Health & Safety

We engage in diverse activities based on an occupational safety management system to achieve employee health and safety in the workplace.

Process Safety

We continually make voluntary efforts to ensure operational safety in accordance with our Basic Policy on Safe Operation.

Social Activities

We aim to contribute to community development through proactive communication with everyone in the local community and a diverse community fellowship program all around Spain, Mexico and India, among other countries.