What is The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Sustainability in the Hospitality industry?

In recent years, the concept of sustainable hospitality has gained significant traction, with more travelers seeking luxury experiences that are also environmentally and socially responsible. The perfect blend of luxury and sustainability in the sustainable hospitality industry represents a harmonious balance between opulence, emotions and conscious practices. In this article for LUSH, Hector de Castro breaks [...]

To preserve or enhance?. Analysis of Regenerative vs Sustainable Tourism

Globally, tourism is one of the world’s largest industries; prior to the pandemic, Travel & Tourism accounted for 1 in 4 of all new jobs created across the world, 10.3% of all jobs and 10.3% of global GDP (US$9.6 trillion). At the same time visitor spending contributed an estimated US$1.8 trillion in 2019 (6.8% of [...]

10 exclusive eco-luxury hotels in Mexico: leading the sustainability path

Mexico is known for its diverse offer of types of tourism. We can find from great beach resorts to important business conventions. Sustainable tourism is one of the offers in which Mexico is working. An advantage that this country has is its enormous variety of environmental, social and cultural assets. We can mention the coastlines, [...]

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Sustainable or Not: What really makes a Hotel Sustainable?

Tourism is one of the biggest industries on the planet. Whether a source of recreation for those wishing to de-stress from daily life or a source of livelihood it attracts and sustains millions. Contributing to a nearly 10.3% of global GDP in 2019, the industry is forecasted to grow despite the pre-pandemic dip to nearly [...]

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