Mexico is known for its diverse offer of types of tourism. We can find from great beach resorts to important business conventions. Sustainable tourism is one of the offers in which Mexico is working. An advantage that this country has is its enormous variety of environmental, social and cultural assets. We can mention the coastlines, rainforests, cultural capital like the Mayan and Aztec ruins, etc. All of these resources can be apply to green tourism, if all the stakeholders understand 
how to do it, how to be really sustainable.

“While Mexico has shown that it is serious about incorporating sustainability into its strategic planning, in order to make a difference on a global scale and limit the environmental impact of the global tourism industry, more destinations and businesses will need to adapt and make changes to lower their footprint and CO2 emissions while conserving cultural heritage and supporting the local economy. By doing so, destinations will be able to manage the rise in tourism arrivals and reap the benefits without causing permanent harm to our planet.”

SeaGoingGreen, Sustainable Tourism Consultancy (2022)

A great example of the work that Mexico is doing in the path of being sustainable is all the Eco-luxury hotels that we can find in this destination.


10 top eco-luxury hotels in Mexico

1. Cuixmala, Jalisco

This hotel runs alongside 5km of the Mexican Pacific coastline. Its objective is to connect the humankind with the nature. As they say, they can be identify by the “lush jungle and coconut pal groves roll into sweeping savannahs and lagoons, where protected wildlife, from zebras to crocodiles, roam free”. Its characteristics are 30,000 acres of nature reserve, three restaurants, 26 horses at the Caballerizas, wild zebras and 270 species of bird and 150 research projects ongoing in sustainable issues.


2. Ayala, Tulum

Ayala Tulum is the most enchanting hotel. It is characterized because of its intimate social spaces, treehouse guest rooms and a beautiful Yoga shala. If you are looking for a quiet oasis this hotel is for you. It is ideal for yoga and wellness retreats. Some of their goals of sustainability are reduce poverty, education programs, climate action, cultural diversity, justice and forest protection.


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3. Olas, Tulum

Olas is a boutique hotel, guesthouse and home that focus on the connection between people and nature. The architecture is its main characteristic because it was designed by and Austrian engineer and naturalist, Carlos Schober, whose vision was to build it in harmony with nature. It has also solar panels and a big investment in new ecological wastewater systems. Olas Tulum does not need air conditioning because the way in which the walls are built, they channel the flow of the sea breeze to eliminate the need to use it.


4. Playa Viva, Juluchuca Zihuatanejo

Playa Viva is a unique eco-luxury destination with an environmentally conscious resort focused on sustainability and regenerative practices. It has 12 eco-luxury rooms, each one with a beachfront view, including the Treehouse. Nature, yoga, retreat and the turtle sanctuary are part of the things that complete the guests’ experiences. This Turtle Sanctuary founded by Playa Viva in 2010 has safely released over 450,000 baby sea turtles. It is staffed by an all-volunteer team comprised of members of the local community of Juluchuca.


5. Azulik, Tulum

Azulik Tulum is in the heart of the Mayan jungle, as a revolutionary project to redefine human evolution. It is made of 48 villas built in harmony with the nature, the jungle and the Caribbean Sea. With no electric light, A/C, or television, they present nature as their main amenity.



EcoHotelProjects, contractor and developer of sustainable boutique hotels

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6. The White Lodge, Baja Sur Cabo

This hotel is known for being a beautiful, sustainable resort in Mexico. You can have a holistic experience and become one with nature. Its surroundings are unique. Having the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Cortes and the Desert is something that not many hotels can have.


7. Etereo by Auberge, Riviera Maya

Etereo invites its guests to visit and explore the cycle of renewal of relationships, inspiration, connection to nature, senses, rhythm and appreciation. In this amazing hotel you are going to be free of the distractions of modern life. Its three pillar are extraordinary cuisine, breathtaking encounters with nature and beaches, and an Auberge Spa. Sustainability is one of the main focus of this hotel.


8. La Valise, Tulum

La Valise Tulum has furnished rooms between jungle and sea, combines stunning views, curated works of art from local craftsmen, spacious bathrooms, luxury linens, and access to their salt-water infinity pool steps away from the Caribbean Sea. They have a commitment to protect and preserve one of our planet’s most stunning and vulnerable destinations so that future generations of residents and visitors can continue to experience the mystical splendor of Tulum.


9. Hotel Xcaret, Riviera Maya

In December 2017, Grupo Xcaret opened its first hotel, Hotel Xcaret México. Its objective is to change the tourism industry and an eco-integrating architecture in 900 suites, all with excellent views of the Caribbean Sea. For Grupo Xcaret, sustainability is the path to follow to continue offering unique experiences inspired by respect for nature, culture and life. This hotel received the EarthCheck certification for Planning and Design in 2017, making them the first hotel in America to receive this award before its opening.


10. Chablé Yucatán

Chablé Yucatán recovers the splendor of the aristocracy and the bases of Mayan well-being. Their vision of luxury is to live true experience. In these hotels, they are aware that there is a lot to do to reduce their impact on the planet. They are working to become more sustainable by redefining wellness. In Chablé Yucatán they see the need for sustainable, responsible, planning and management as a must for the tourism and travel industry to prosper for decades to come.


Here there are 10 great options leading the path, but you can be sure that you will find the perfect for you!

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